Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Crop Schedule

May Scrap Schedule

May 12th, Tuesday: Beginner Scrap / Open Crop / First-time Students
(any page theme is ok, mini albums are ok, no new lesson or challenge, but will repeat the Patterned Paper lesson for those who have not yet participated.)

May 19th, Tuesday: Open Crop (No lesson or challenge)

May 26th, Tuesday: Advanced Scrappers (Mother & Child challenge)

Limit: 8 members


5月12日(火): 初心者 / オープンスクラップ / 初めての方

5月19日(火): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レスンはまだ受けてないの方がパタンペーパのレスンをやります。)

5月26日(火):上級者 (母と娘チャレンジ)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mother & Daughter

Mother's Day is coming. I don't always send a gift to my mom on Mother's Day, but I do try to make something for her for her bday. Actually, its just about the time Mother's Day rolls around that I realize I haven't anything to send her, so I get started on something and have it ready to send her by her birthday in June. I know, I'm a bad daughter...

This year, however, a friend in my scrapbooking group started a wonderful challenge. I think I mentioned it before. To scrap a page using photos of both mother and child, at the same age. (Mom at age six, daughter at age six). We are lucky in that group because we all have daughters. So its the perfect challenge.

I have a few photos of myself as a child, and of course hundreds of my own daughter. Matching the ages was even quite easy. I made a page, but then wasn't quite 100% satisfied. So I made another. It was a bit better, but I still wanted more. So I made a 3rd page, this time using a photo of my own mom at about the same age as well. Three generations. It's my favorite of the three.

Even so, I do love the two pages with just my daughter and I. Its surprising how similar we look. Maybe that shouldn't surprise me, but my daughter is half Japanese and almost everyone agrees that she looks like her Daddy. But to put our photos side-by-side I can see some of me in her too.

I'm still thinking about making another page of just the two of us, but that will have to wait. I'm already thinking about a Father's Day page for my husband: a page of him and my son at the same age.

Anyway, have a look at my Mother and Daughter pages. I'd LOVE to see your pages too!








Me & My Girl

Mother & Child

Hearts Entwined Forever

Monday, April 13, 2009

Out of Season

I'm a scrappin' fool. I've been having so much fun these past few weeks getting caught up on old pages for the kids' albums, some pages for my own Memories album and a few pages for Mother's Day. Still working on my daughter's 10-year-old mini album too. I've gotten about 10 of the 16 pages done. Making progress!

It's a bit out of season, but here are the Halloween pages for my children's albums. The hardest part is trying to come up with original layouts for such similar photos. There were even a couple of years when my kids wore the same costumes as years past. I'm pretty much a single page scrapper and there are only so many ways to arrange multiple photo layouts. So I think there are a lot of similarities between all the pages. But I'm okay with that. Have a peek...