Friday, January 29, 2010


Most of us have hopes and dreams for a fresh start every time a new year rolls around. We make our resolutions: we start that diet, we join a new class, whatever. I'm very good at making new years resolutions. The problem is, I'm not so good at keeping them. I'm full of good intentions, but somewhere along the way I forget or just get tired. Is there any way to keep our resolutions in our thoughts on a daily basis, and by doing so keeping our resolutions.

How can we scrap Empowerment? How can we use our love of scrapbooking to assist us in keeping our goals? I got to thinking about this a few weeks ago, so I volunteered to host an Out of the Egg challenge starting today on The Digichick blog. Its not your average challenge. And by that I mean it doesn't matter what photos you use, if any. It doesn't matter which designer's goods or which page layout. In fact, you don't even have to make a page! Hmmmm.... have a whet your appetite?

If you're interested in finding out more, Click here. Ain't to proud to beg please please please come join me for this week's challenge.

While I'm here, I guess I'll show you what I made for the challenge. My first and foremost hope of the year (taken from my Ten for 2010 layout) is to find out my next step in this life. I guess you could call that Enlightenment. So here is my Empowerment for the year. This page is printed out and framed and placed in my bay window near the dining table. I'm sure to see it at least 3 times a day.

 But I wanted more, so I also revamped and resized it and made it into a bookmark that I keep in my nightly devotional book, where I will see it every night. Empowerment - at least 4 times a day.


I will keep my resolutions this year. We'll see....


今日から、The Digichick Blogで私はチャレンジをかけます。今年の目当てをかなえるように、自分を応援する言葉やスローガンなどをスクラップします。ページをスクラップしたら毎日何回も見える所に置きます。他のアイデアはイメージはカレンダーやコーヒーマッグや、マウスパッドに焼き付けたりしてみて。

もと詳しく知りたい方は Empowerment Challenge を見て是非参加して下さい。デジタルスクラップじゃなくても大丈夫ですよ!好きなギャラリーに展示したらこのポストのコメントにリンクを教えて下さい!

私が作ったページは上に写っています。 そうして、小さめにして本のしおりも作りました。


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 February Crop Schedule

Feb 9th, Tuesday: Open Crop - all levels, first-time scrappers welcome. (Open theme: 2009 Year-in-Review page, 10-year-old celebration mini albums, etc. I will also be teaching how to make a Waterfall album to any interested participant. )

Feb 23rd, Tuesday: Advanced Scrappers (Challenge: Put a tree on your page. I will send out sample pages a few weeks in advance. Page theme is open.)

Limit: 6 participants.  Starts from 10:00 ends at 13:30. Please let me know if you want to join us.

2月9日(火)Open スクラップ (テーマは自由となります。二分の一成人式ミニーアルバムの続きや、2009年振り返るページなど。興味がある方に "一日に出来上がるミニーアルバム" ウオーターフォールアルバムの作り方も教えます。)経験者も、初めてスクラップをやってみたいのお友達がいらっしゃいましたら是非お誘い下さい!)

2月23日(火):上級者 (テーマは自由となりますが、今月のチャレンジは手作り木を、飾りとしてページに付けます。見本ページは2週間前頃送ります。)

時間は10:00 ~13:30までです。定員は6人になります。参加ご希望の方はお連絡下さい。

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Year in Review

Well, I finished my 2009 family year-in-review pages. I have to say that this is the first year that I have made my review pages NOT using a kit by Jen Wilson. It's a bit sad in a way, I LOVE her kits. But as soon as I saw this collaborative kit from Digi-Crea I was in love. I love the retro prints and the somehow bold and yet still soft colors.

I mentioned that the right hand page is a scraplift for TDC's current challenge. The left hand page is also a paper to digi scraplift of a layout I saw once in a magazine. I wish I could give proper credit to the original artist, but I no longer have the magazine.

I always look forward to making these year-in-review pages. Its a great way to see how my family has grown over the past year, individually and as a whole. This coming Tuesday a group of my scrapbooking friends will come over and they will make year-in-review pages. I can't wait to see each one.

2009年振り返るページが出来上がりました。毎年振り返るページを作りますが、今年初めて Jen Wilson以外デザインを使いました。この Digi-Crea店New Beginningセットを見て、一目ぼれだった。レトロな柄と色もとっても気に入りました。



Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you up for a challenge?

The Digichick blog is up and running again (I know I've already mentioned that). There are some really great challenges going on over there! I hope you'll stop by and try your hand at some of them. From today, there is a Scraplifting Challenge of Fevver's gallery over at 2Peas. She has some wonderful layouts. I decided to lift one of her layouts as a 2009 family year-in-review page. I love how it turned out.

And just a little teaser, I'll be hosting the final challenge for January starting from next Friday the 29th! I'll definitely post a link to the challenge here for you all as well. I really hope you'll come an join along.

On another scrapbooking note, here are some pages I've made over the past two weeks using some of the new releases.

This page is made using Quirky Twerp's Confectionerie Scrap Pack.
You just have to see this darling kit!

This page uses Toxic Waste Papers. What an awesome name!

This one uses several of JM Designs' One Day in My Life Series: more papers.

And these gorgeous papers and trinkets are all found in Frosty Nights






Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1月26日(火):上級者 (今月のチャレンジは2009年の振り返るページか、ウオーターフォールアルバムか、自由なテーマとなります。)

時間は10:00 ~13:30までです。定員は6人になります。参加ご希望の方はお連絡下さい。

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Salt Lake Tribune

Every once in awhile something happens that just completely floors me.

As most of you already know, I am on the CT for The Digichick. After a minor hiatus, TDC Blog is back up and running with new challenges and workshops. Our very first challenge of the year was to scrap 10 Hopes and Wishes for 2010. I honestly didn't think I would have time to participate in the challenge, so I had pretty much given up on even trying. But I found a few hours one day so made my page. I hadn't even thought about 10 goals for the year so had to think of them as I scrapped them. I got my page done and was pretty happy with the finished product so posted it to my online galleries.

Only a few hours after posting it, Linda Fantin, a reporter from The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah contacted me and asked me if she could use my page for a monthly feature column she writes. Of course I said yes! So here is the link, if you are interested.

I spoke a little about digital scrapbooking in general and am quoted in this first page.
Scrapbooking: The decade of documenting

Then my page and the challenge are discussed in greater detail here. 
Scrapbooking workshop: Ten wishes for 2010

I want to say Thank you so very much to Linda for choosing my page to be shared in her newspaper. I am honored.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just a few

I have only two layouts this week with new releases. But keep an eye out here around sometime on Sunday or Monday. I have something else I want to show you. 今週のページは2枚しか出来なかったでけど、また日曜日の夜、月曜日の午後ごろ他の見せたいのがありますから。

This first page is another page using my friend's beautiful daughter's photo again. Get used to it, there's going to be a lot more. One of these days I would LOVE to have Solveig Boergen take my family's photos too. 1枚目はまたお友達の娘の写真を使ってページを作りました。私の家族の写真も Solveig Boergen にお願いしたいけど。。。

The second page is from when my family and I went to a place named Oshino Hakkai early in December. My husband and I had been there years ago on a date when we both lived in that area. The place is famous for its view of Mt. Fuji, its deep and icy cold spring water pond and its free soba restaurant. It was the first time for us to enjoy it all together as a family.2枚目は12月に山梨県忍野八海に行った時から写真です。数年前に二人だけでデートで遊びに行ったけど、この間は初めて家族として。富士山の景色や、深くて冷たい池や、無料でおそばを食べる所として有名です。

Monday, January 4, 2010

What a Happy New Year for me

A few months ago a layout of mine was chosen to be published in Magazine. I'm thrilled to say the least. Here's link to's homepage, and here's a link directly to my layout and article.


数ヶ月前に、Scrapbooking.comの編集長からメールもらって、最近作ったのページを 雑誌に乗せたいと仰いました。びっくりして、すごく嬉しくてもちろん乗せて下しを返事しました。良かったら、ここに見て下さい

Art Attack

Layouts galore

(TDC Blog Train freebie is two posts down.) 

It's been awhile since I've posted any layouts here. Busy with the holidays and all that. I want to start of the new year right and get things caught up, so here are the final few layouts from leftover from last year.  年末はバタバタして、しばらくレイアウトは掲載事が出来なかったです。去年から残っているレイアウトは少しがあるからちゃんと展示します。

First up, here is a page I made with the incredible Limitless - Open Sky collaboration set by The Digichick designers. TDC デザイナイー達はコラボセットで作ったページです。

Next are some pages I made for new releases at The Digichick. 次は Creative Team のレイアウトです。

Here are a few pages I made for Christmas presents for my family in America. This is my beautiful niece and her precious family.  アメリカの家族クリスマスプレゼントとして作ったページです。芽衣子の家族です。

 And finally some pages I made just for fun. そして、遊んで作ったページもあります。

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web and taking a look at my pages. I always appreciate your visits.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

(TDC Blog Train is one post down.)

In Japan it is the tradition to send new year's greeting cards to friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, students, etc. Its the Japanese way to express your appreciation for the past year, and hopes for continued friendships in the new year.

I really like this tradition as it forces my family to all get together in front of the camera and take a family photo. Seriously, we all get in the same photo only about once a year in order to make these new years cards.

Its written in Japanese so my Japanese friends already know what it says. In English, basically it goes something like this.

"Happy New Year. I sincerely wish you great happiness and a wonderful year."