Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Am Loved

I'm hosting this month's final challenge on The Digichick Blog. We’ve spent all of February scrapping our hearts out all about the loves in our lives – what we love, who we love, where we love. For the final challenge this month let’s scrap about how we are loved.

Please come join us, won't you?

今日から私はまた The Digichick Blog でチャレンジをやっています。2月中色んな Love 関係 - 自分の大好きな100の物や子供時代大好きなおもちゃやお気に入りの所とお香りなどのチャレンジをやていました。今月の最後のチャレンジは "私も愛せれています"というのテーマです。



Here's my page:


Journaling reads:
I once had an all-black cat named Ebony.

My boyfriend at the time was working for the local humane society and had gotten my parents' permission to give me a cat for my 20th birthday. On a previous visit to the shelter I had chosen an older cat named Phyllis. When the day came to go get a cat from the shelter my parents wanted to come along to have their say. We were in the cat room looking around when I walked by one of those floor-to-ceiling cat scratching post / play towers in the middle of the room. As I passed by, one cat reached out and swiped me across the face trying to catch my dangly earring. She was a little all-black cat named Carol.

My parents immediately preferred this feisty little kitty because they needed a mouser, not a lap cat. I had to admit she was cute, young and playful. Besides, my mother convinced me that Carol was the one who chose me when she reached out and got my attention. We chose her and renamed her Ebony.

Ebony chose me. She was mine. She loved me and I loved her.

She was my cat for the next several years. When I made the choice to move to Japan of course I couldn't take her so she stayed home with Mom and Dad. I missed her, but could meet her when I would go home every summer. It was like she was waiting for me. She remembered me. She would come up to me and snuggle me, and while I was home it was like she was all mine again. The years passed, I got older, she got older.

About 5 years ago when I was home visiting during summer vacation something happened. We're not sure if it was some kind of accident or animal attack, or what. But I found her outside under my bedroom window late at night. The dogs next door were barking like crazy so I shined a flash light down to see. She looked up at me, her eyes glowing in the light, she was panting and couldn't move. I immediately ran outside to get her. I woke up Mom and Dad and they brought her into the house. It was clear that something was very wrong. There were no visible injuries or blood, but she was obviously in great pain. It was time to say good-bye.

She died when I could be there to hold her. I am so thankful that she died while I was home and could see her one last time. She waited for me. She loved me and I loved her.

Last year on my birthday, my daughter surprised me with a birthday present she had picked out and bought with her own money. Its a little black cat doll on a cell-phone strap. With the gift she gave me a card and she wrote this message. Happy Birthday Mommy. For your birthday I will give you Ebony. I hope you like it because I chose it especially for you. I love you.

Twenty-two years after the first one, I got another Ebony. I've never cried over a birthday gift before, but I cried for this one. My daughter remembers Ebony and knows how much I miss her even now. I have never before received such a thoughtful gift given out of pure love. I love my daughter's precious gift. It reminds me of my Ebony, but even more it reminds me of how much my daughter loves me.

She chose it just for me because she loves me. I am loved.

Friday, February 26, 2010

March Crop Schedule

2010 March Crop Schedule

March 9th, Tuesday: Open Crop - all levels, first-time scrappers welcome. (Open theme: 2009 Year-in-Review page, 10-year-old celebration mini albums, etc. I will also be teaching how to make a Waterfall album to any interested participant. 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

March 16th, Tuesday: Advanced Scrappers (Challenge: Basic Grey Granola papers. Its a very earthy-colored paper set from last year. Perfect for boys, outdoors and zoo pages. Would also look lovely with sepia toned photos.)

March 30th, Tuesday: Girls Scrapbooking - Waterfall Album (5th grade and older girls scrapbooking class. Students will use pre-cut paper sets to make a simple waterfall album. Photo theme is open.)

Limit: 6 participants per class.


3月9日(火):Open スクラップ (テーマは自由となります。二分の一成人式ミニーアルバムの続きや、2009年振り返るページなど。興味がある方に"一日に出来上がるミニーアルバム"ウオーターフォールアルバムの作り方も教えます。)経験者も、初めてスクラップをやってみたいのお友達がいらっしゃいましたら是非お誘い下さい!)時間は10:00 ~ 13:00までです。定員は6人になります。参加ご希望の方はお連絡下さい。

3月16日(火):上級者 (Basic Grey Granola papers. 渋いな色や柄の用紙です。セピア、男子、冬、動物園などの写真に合うと思います。見本ページは2週間前頃送ります。)時間は10:00からスタートです。定員は6人になります。参加ご希望の方はお連絡下さい。

3月30日(火):女子ウオーターフォールアルバムスクラップブッキング (5年生~。 一日で出来上がるミニーアルバム - ウオーターフォールアルバムを作ります。写真のテーマ自由です。写真6枚、立て向き 役6cm x 10cm.)時間:14:00~16:30頃。定員は6人になります。

Friday, February 5, 2010

A few new pages

I haven't uploaded new CT pages in two weeks, so thought I'd better do that.

This first page is actually a Waterfall hybrid mini album I made with My Little Valentine by Quirky Twerp. I am making these albums left and right. They are just so easy and fun to make. Once I get some more done, I'll be sure to show them off. まだウオーターフォールアルバムにはまっていますよ!今回のアルバムはハイブリッドにしました。My Little Valentineデジタルキットを使って作りました。ウオーターフォールアルバムを作るのが簡単だし、楽しいです!

This next page is a photo of my dad in Hawaii several years. I wish I could send him back there one more time. Its his paradise on Earth. 数年前に両親とハワイに行きました。お父さんが大好きな所です。もう一度行かせたいな~。

This page is a page for my sweet great-neice, Jetta. She is such a cutie! 名子です。いつも写真写りのいいです。

And finally some photos of my daughter a few years ago. Just a page for fun.最後に数年前に娘の写真です。Sailor Moonが好きな時期だったね。