Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas....

if only in my dreams... An old favorite Christmas song. Growing up I heard it every year and never thought too much about it. But now it means more. I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. Just really, really wish I could spend it with my family in Colorado. It's also the hardest time of the year to be so far away from "home."

The last time I was home for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) was the year Reo was born. Since he was born in July we couldn't make our annual summer trip home, so we went for winter break instead.

Every year since then I've wished we could do it again. Maybe some year we will be able to. In the meantime, I guess I'll just listen to old Christmas carols and try to bring the holiday to life here in Japan for my own children. But my heart will be in Colorado.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.





Sunday, December 21, 2008

What I've been up to...

Three weeks, three mini albums. That's got to be a new record for me. Albeit two of them were hybrid albums, they still took quite a lot of time to design, print and assemble. The other one is completely hand made and took hours and hours. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures. I sure hope my family will like them!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

January Crop Schedule

January 13, Tuesday: Open Scrap (any page theme is ok, no lesson or challenge)

January 19th, Monday: Introduction to Scrapbooking (Focus will be on first-time participants. Class will be limited to 6 first-time participants. Depending on the number of people who want to join, I may also allow other beginner scrappers to join.)

January 20th, Tuesday: Open Scrap (any page theme is ok, no lesson or challenge)

January 27th, Tuesday: Advanced Scrappers (Theme or challenge will be decided at a later date.)


"Open class" means anyone who has scrapped before, any level, is welcome to come.

"Beginner scrappers" are generally those who have been scrapping for a year or less. First-time scrappers are also welcome.

"Advanced scrappers" are those who have been scrapping for more than one year.

Limit: 8 people


1月13日(火): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン・チャレンジはありません。)

1月19日(月): 初心者 (人数が多い場合には初めての方のみになる可能性があります。初めての方の定員は6人にします。空きがあれば、2回目のかたもご参加が出来ます。

1月20日(火): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン・チャレンジはありません。)

1月27日(火):上級者 (チャレンジ・テーマは後日に決めます。)


オープンクラス: 経験者のみになります。レベルに関係なくて参加出来ます。

初心者: 一年以下経験の方になります。初めての方でも可能です。

上級者: 一年以上経験の方になります。


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Been busy with Christmas

Oh my goodness, where have I been? I've been busy and I'm happy to be making progress.

After the bazaar finished I realized that I have only three weeks in which to make three mini albums for my USA family's Christmas presents. My sister and niece will each get a hybrid album. The kit is called "What Dreams May Come" by Flergs at Scrapbook Graphics. Some of the pages are quick pages and some are my own "creations." But the album for my parents had to be handmade this year. I wanted to put a lot of heart into theirs. It's been a long time since I made an entire project "by hand." Used Basic Grey's Blush set again. Same as last year's present to them, but I think they'll like it anyway.

Still have LOTS of work to do before they are done, but here are just a few of the pages. Will show you the completed projects after they are done.

Thanks for looking!

Will let you know the class schedule for January in the next few days. I promise!


バザーが終わってから気が付いて事で、あ~!後3週間アメリカの家族にクリスマスプレゼントを送らないと間に合わない! その時からず~と頑張ってます。普段にはミニーアルバムが3ヶ月ぐらいでゆっくり作りたいけど、今は3つミニーアルバムを3週間以内を目指している。2つはハイブリッド(ベースはデジタルで、印刷してからちょとの飾りを付ける)それらを姉とめいこに。母と父のアルバムは一年ぶりペパースクラップをしています。やっぱり毎年今頃はプレゼントアルバムを焦ってます。でも親だから心を込めて手作りで頑張りたいと思います。





Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Cards

I told you about the bazaar. Well, the ornaments are done. I've run out of supplies so I had to quit. So I spent this past week making cards. A lot of the cards I got in a kit last year. And while they are fun and easy to make, they aren't exactly hand-made. Most of the other cards (about 10 so far) are "originals." I say that because I do take ideas from idea books and online galleries.

Making cards is different from making scrapbook pages because you don't have to worry so much about bulk. You can pile on the ribbons and flowers and not have to think about them getting squished in an album.

The only bad thing is to realize that because they are cards, they are more temporary than a scrapbook page. You give a card away to a friend as a Christmas greeting. After Christmas, what happens to the card? I really don't want to think too much about it. I would love to imagine them being cherished year after year as a Christmas decoration because of the hard work and love I put into making them.

Anyway, I've had fun making them. Fresh inspiration. Gives me a few ideas for mini-album pages as well (the kind you can bulk up a bit). Fun to make, when you have extra time I highly recommend it!





Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My OTHER hobby...

Long time no blog. Sorry about that! I've been a bit busy with my OTHER hobby. Every year about this time my friends and I get together and hold a winter bazaar. Some friends sew and knit, a few make beautiful bead creations, and a few also make delicious sweets. I make cards and ornaments. The cards come from leftover (and new) scrapbook papers and accents. The ornaments I make from wire and beads.

I just love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I started making some very elaborate beaded ornaments from kits many many years ago. Once my children were born I just couldn't take the roughly 25 hours necessary to make just one ornament. But I still wanted to make something, so I found a way to make simpler beaded ornaments.

This year's bazaar will be on November 25th. Its always hard to get motivated to make Christmas cards and ornaments before Halloween has even started. But I try. So, as much as I don't want to, I may have to take a break from making my scrapbooking. Ouch!

For my students, of course our classes will continue as scheduled. If you want to join on any of the days just let me know.

Thanks for looking! See you soon.







Monday, October 20, 2008

Black and White. Well, not exactly...

I realized that after challenging my students to make a page using mostly Black and White materials, I had never made one myself. First off, I realized that its a little difficult to come up with a photo! I have tons of photos I want to scrap, but not many that I envision on a black and white page. So, I ended up choosing a photo that I'd run an ambiance and a soft color filter on. It was close enough to black and white, but still had a beautiful hint of color.

But.... I guess I'm just not a pure black and white fan. No matter what I did to the page, it just seemed incomplete without color. So I switched over to a "mostly" black and white base, added some back color, chose most of the elements in a very soft color to match the photo, and added a splash of red. I know its still not perfect, but it feels better to me. (By the way, the basic layout is a lift of a page by Nikki Beaudreau. Just want to give credit where credit is due!)

For my "students," I'm really looking forward to the next challenge class on the 28th. I can't wait to see the pages you come up with. Its harder than I thought!



ただ、白黒だけで満足出来なかった。どれのアクセントを加えても、色が足りなくて気に入らなかったです。だから、下地紙は二枚にしました。一枚はほとんど白黒で、も一枚は黒と水色にしました。写真の色に近い色の飾りを使って、 三ヶ所で赤いアクセントを加えました。まだ完璧ではないと思うけど、前より気に入った。(ところで、このページの基本レイアウトアイデアは Nikki Beaudreauさんが作ったページをスクラップリフトをしました。)


Monday, October 13, 2008

November & December Crop Schedules


November 4 (Tues): Advanced Scrappers (Challenge: One Photo Page - Let's make a page using only one photo. Photo can be an enlarged print or a regular sized photo. Simple photos without distracting backgrounds work best for this.)

November 12 (Wed): Open Scrap (any page theme is ok, no lesson or challenge)

November 17 (Mon): Open Scrap (any page theme is ok, no lesson or challenge)
NOTE: I had previously planned to have an Open Scrap on Tuesday, November 11th, but I had to change this to Wednesday, November 12th.


December 2 (Tues): Beginner Scrappers (Lesson: Introduction to Mini Albums. Anyone interested in making a mini album, please take a look at the mini album styles available. I'll also have examples of patterned paper sets. After everyone decides which materials they want to use, I'll order the sets.)

December 9 (Tues): Open Scrap (any page theme is ok, no lesson or challenge)

December 16 (Tues): Advanced Scrappers (Challenge: Year in Review Page - Let's make a page summarizing 2008 for your family, child, or even yourself! Photo Suggestions: 4 photos - one from each season; 12 photos - one from each month; 2 photos - one from beginning of the year and one from end; 1 photo - best one showing highlight of the year


"Open class" means anyone who has scrapped before, any level, is welcome to come.

"Beginner scrappers" are generally those who have been scrapping for a year or less. First-time scrappers are also welcome.

"Advanced scrappers" are those who have been scrapping for more than one year.

Limit: 8 people


11月4日(火): 上級者 (チャレンジ:1枚写真のレイアウト - 1枚だけ写真のレイアウトを作ってみましょう!写真が大きめにしてもいいし、普通のスナップサイズでも大丈夫です。出来るだけシンプル写真の方が良いと思います。)

11月12日(水): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン・チャレンジはありません。)

11月17日(月): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン・チャレンジはありません。)

12月2日(火):初心者 (今日作るのページテーマは何でも大丈夫です。この日にミニーアルバムを紹介します。ミニーアルバムが作りたい方は絵の用紙セットとアルバムの見本を見て、選んでもらいます。ミニーアルバムに参加するの皆様のご希望を確認して注文します。)

12月9日(火): オープンスクラップ (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン・チャレンジはありません。)

12月16日(火):上級者 (チャレンジ:1年間の振り返る - 2008年を振り返るページを作ってみましょう。ご家族や、お子さんや、自分でもの一年間!準備する写真アイディア:4枚 - 四季節, 12枚 - 毎月, 2枚 - 年の初めと年の終わり, 1枚 - 今年のハイライト写真)

オープンクラス: 経験者のみになります。レベルに関係なくて参加出来ます。

初心者: 一年以下経験の方になります。初めての方でも可能です。

上級者: 一年以上経験の方になります。


Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 28 Challenge: Black and White

I have finally decided upon this month's challenge. At the suggestion of a student, let's try to make a page using mainly / only black and white materials. Photos can be black and white as well, or in color.

10月28日のチャレンジ: 白黒

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Year in Review

Keeping current with my pages is a challenge for me. I don't scrap my photos in any particular order. More like whatever I feel like scrapping at that time. I jump from child to child, year to year, even decade to decade recently. All the pros say to give yourself the freedom to scrap what you want when you want without feeling pressured. So I do.

I realize that as of today, we have entered the last quarter of this year. And here I am just now getting around to making a 2007 Year in Review page for my family album. Truth be told, I made my other Y-i-R pages (from 2001 to 2006) only within the past two years. I got the idea, ran with it and made five years worth of Y-i-R pages all over the course of about 3 months. Even now, I still need to go back a few years further and make pages for the first several years we were married. (I wonder if I can remember what we were doing way back then....)

Anyway, I love making Year in Review pages. I think in the distant future it may be the main album my family actually looks at over and over again. I'd love to see your pages too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Reason to Scrap

I never seem to run out of photos I want to scrap.

I seem to scrap in waves: making pages of either one child or the other, making gift pages for other people, making a family album, and so on. I've had scans of *OLD* photos of my own childhood for a couple of years now and I just recently decided to make some scrap pages with them. I may never print out the pages and put them in an album, but I feel the need to scrap them anyway. For me.

It's what I do. I rarely scrap for any reason other than that I just love to do it. I scrap when the mood strikes, I scrap when a photo absolutely screams, "Scrap Me!" I scrap to remember. I scrap to enjoy.

So here's the first one. A page of Easter Memories; photos of my sister and me. Looking at the two of us is fun, but what really takes me back is looking at the background of the photos. Our old house, my father's truck, the neighbor girls, our dog Dino, my Grandma and mom when they were young.

Happy photos. Happy memories. I'd love to see some of your memory pages too!


次から次へ子供のページや、ギフトになるページや、家族の思い出ページなど 。ずいぶん前に母から自分が子供時代の写真をいっぱいもらって、最近少しず つスクラップする事にしました。デジタルページだから印刷してアルバムに入 れないかもしれないですが、スクラップしたいと思います。自分のために。

それは私の趣味です。どうしようもなくて、スクラップが大好きですのでスク ラップします。スクラップしたい時にスクラップします。”スクラップしない とダメな写真”がある時にスクラップします。覚えるためにスクラップします 。楽しいだからスクラップします。

自分が子供時代のページとしてはじめてで、イースターの思い出ページです。 姉と二人の写真を見ると面白いですけれど、もっと懐かしいのは写真のバック です。昔の家と庭、父のトラック、仲良くしてくれた友達、飼ってた犬、若い なお祖母ちゃんと母。


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Class Schedule Updates

Well, I finally decided some scrap class dates for September and October (some are already passed) so here goes:

Sept 16: Open class (any page theme is ok, no lesson)
Sept 30: Advanced scrappers (Lesson: White Space)

Oct 7: Beginner scrappers (Intro class also on this day, Lesson: Patterned Paper)
Oct 14: Open class (any page theme is ok, no lesson)
Oct 28: Advanced scrappers (Lesson: TBA - to be announced)

Just a note:
"Open class" means anyone who has scrapped before, any level, is welcome to come.
"Beginner scrappers" are generally those who have been scrapping for a year or less. First-time scrappers are also welcome.
"Advanced scrappers" are those who have been scrapping for more than one year.

I think its best to limit each crop to 8 scrappers. I wish I had more space. I'd love to open a bigger classroom someday. Just my dream... Please let me know if you would like to join.

I hope to see you in Sept and October. If there are any changes, I'll send an email. As always, I thank you from my heart to all my scrapbooking friends and students for wanting to join me in scrapbooking. Its is my true pleasure to help you create your family memory albums.



9月16日(火):オープンクラス (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン無し)
9月30日(火):上級者 (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスンは空白スペース White Space)

10月7日(火):初心者 (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。体験者のレッスンはスクラップブッキング イントロダクション。経験者のレッスンはPatterned Paper (絵の用紙)の上手に使い方. それからミニーアルバムを作りたい方はアルバムのサイズと用紙のキットを決めましょう。)
10月14日(火):オープンクラス (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン無し)
10月28日(火):上級者 (テーマとレッスンは後日に連絡します)

オープンクラス: 経験者のみになります。レベルに関係なくて参加出来ます。
初心者: 一年以下経験の方になります。初めての方でも可能です。
上級者: 一年以上経験の方になります。



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting caught up

I've been trying to get caught up on some "old business" of scrapping. I finished this Father's Day Album months ago, but never got it photographed and loaded up to my gallery.

This was such a fun album to make. I've made pages for him before, but never an entire album. I wanted to make something of just him and the kids. Love Corina's CD album so I just downsized it to fit some pulp coasters I found at the local 100 yen store. Also found a little woodend box that the coasters fit into perfectly. Painted it white, added some physical products and Voila!


I made this album using the following:

Digital / ディジタル材料
Corina Nielsen's One Sweet Day CD Album
Janet Phillips' CD Template for the "Made with love by" page on box bottom
Shabby Miss Jen signature alpha for the box title
Lauren Reid's Teachers Pet alpha for the page words
Amy Martin's Notebook paper for page inside the top cover
Glitter paint stroke by Weeds & Wildflowers
Amber Clegg's date stamp

Physical / 小物材料
Art Warehouse rub-ons
Doodlebug flowers

Inside lid