Friday, January 30, 2009

A first for me

Most of my scrapbooking friends know that I love to make Year-in-Review pages for my family album. Several weeks ago, I was asked by The Daily Scrapper if they could use one of my Year in Review layouts for their January Edition. OF COURSE I said yes.

Please come take a look some incredibly wonderful Year in Review pages over at The Daily Scrapper.

スクラップのお友達はもすでに知っている事、私は毎年、一年の振り返るページを作るのが大好きです。数週前に The Daily Scrapper と言うのオンライン国際スクラップ新聞は 2007の振り返るページを1月号に乗せることを誘ってくれました。もちろん、イエスと言ったよね。


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