Monday, May 4, 2009

Overflowing with photos

A lot of the layouts I make have SO many photos. In the interest of album space, I try to keep most of my layouts to single pages, but even so some layouts fill two pages with photos. Its a struggle for me to make a balanced layout with so many photos. I love templates. They just make scrapping easier. So easy to use, so versatile. And I have some idea of how my page will end up even from the very start.

My struggle is this: how do you make a layout with 20+ photos, add some fun accents, and still keep the focus on the photos. How do you put so many photos side by side, but keep them separate from the next. Sometimes I'm not very satisfied with the results. Seems to be that my favorite layouts are the ones with fewer decorations. But not adding fun elements also leaves me feeling empty.

With each layout we want to tell a story, don't we. Whether with photos alone, with journaling, or with accents. Most times its a combination of all. So... I guess that's what defines our individual scrapping style. How we choose to showcase our photos.

I've been working on my son's kindergarten days album. Also making some pages with older photos. I'm about 90% satisfied with these layouts. Not perfect, but good enough.

私 はよく写真が多いレイアウトを作ります。出来るだけシングルページを作るけど、たまにダブルページでも写真だらけになります。どうやってバランスの良い、 写真の枚数が多いページを作れるでしょうか?その場合にはスケッチ、またテンプレートを使うのが好きです。かなり楽になります。最初から大体どんなページ が出来るのが分かるのもあります。




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