Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello from the States,

Our journey "home" to the states this year was quite smooth; no delays, no cancellations, no trauma. We are enjoying our time together with family.

I have the honor, once again, to have been chosen by the Daily Scrapper to be published in their wonderful newspaper. This time, the photobook that I made for my daughter's kindergarten days memories.

I want to say Thank you so very much to Alice Koh for choosing my album to feature in the Photo book display section. I am thrilled!

To all of my friends in Japan, I want to apologize. Because I'm in the states, I don't have access to a Japanese system and this post will have to be only in English.

I hope you are all enjoying the start of your summer holiday. Take care!


MissSharon said...

Hi Holly,
My name is Sharon and I just moved to Tokyo on July 2. My home is Huntsville, AL. I am a scrapbooker and found your blog while searching for scrapbook classes on google. I was wondering where you held your classes, if there are openings, and what the cost would be? My email address is Would you please contact me with the details about your classes? Thanks, Sharon

Okispice said...

Hi! I'm in Japan (again) and want to offer you a tip for your Japanese readers. Go to Google Translate and you can put a translate button on your blog. Check it out on my blog - hopefully, it will be just what you need while you are in the states.