Thursday, September 24, 2009

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We used to have a cat. She was our "baby" before Sela came along. We loved her, but of course when you have a baby things change. But as Sela grew older, she and Tori became best friends. That cat endured so much loving torture. But she loved Sela too. After we moved to our current home, we couldn't let her play outside anymore and something in her snapped. She became a very naughty kitty and we couldn't keep her any longer. It really broke our hearts, but especially Sela's.

This is a layout I made for the good times. The journaling reads, "You two adore each other. There is no keeping you apart. Sela completely adores you, Tori. And you tolerate her playful and intense love. You thrive on each other's company. I can't imagine, Tori, how much you have to endure in order to entertain Sela. But on the other hand you have no greater pleasure yourself than to be adored."



My husband loves driving. He loves to race our family car at nearby race circuits, and he loves to drive go-karts. He's getting the kids into kart driving as well. There are several kart circuits around that have smaller karts just for the kids. Its something they can do together.


Happy 8th

My little boy is 8 years old. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand I'm happy that I don't have to carry him around anymore (actually it would be physically impossible now). I don't have to chase him all over the playground keeping him safe (although sometimes I'm sure I still should be). I enjoy my children more now at this age, when they're a bit more independant. On the other hand, my baby is growing up. Children have the bad habit of doing that, don't they. Its sometimes hard to watch the sands of time slip through my fingers.

He's a lucky boy, though, as far as birthdays go. He always gets to share a birthday party with his Grandpa in the states. They have the same birthday, if you go by American time. We always try to time our summer vacation trip home just around his bday time so they can celebrate together.



This next layout isn't for the Digichick, but one I made recently anyway.


My little girl is 10 years old. Actually, closer to 11 than 10. Whoa! When did that happen? How does the time pass so quickly? I guess we get caught up in the day to day survival mode of mothering that when we can finally catch our breath years have passed. At least for me, this has been the case.

The journaling reads, "I can't believe that you are 10 already. Half way to an adult, half way to being ready to leave our home and find your own way in this world. Why is our time together so short? Where has the time gone... You can't imagine how much I love you. More today than the day you were born. But not as much as tomorrow. My beautiful 10-year-old Sela. Be Happy."


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ViVa Artistry is: said...

great layouts!!! Love what you did with our Alice kit!!! And looking at your layouts remind me of our time in Kyoto!!!