Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time keeps on slipping

Where does the time go? It's a busy season, isn't it. Lots of school activities and the holidays are fast approaching. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't. But I am making some pages for family in the states. I don't know if they peek at my blog sometimes, so I can't really show the pages here yet. But I do have some more pages from the incredible designs at The Digichick.

Becoming a CT member for TDC was one of best decisions I have made regarding scrapbooking! (Okay, so scrapbooking decisions aren't usually life altering, but this one was near that.) I'm having so much fun and learning to use a wide variety of designs. I HOPE I am becoming a better scrapper in the process.

Have had some fun these past two weeks using digital supplies to make hybrid projects too. The little envelopes I made are perfect for gift cards and New Year money gifts (those of you in Japan know what I'm talking about).

又二週間がたちました。バタバタするな時期ですね。クリスマスのお買い物は始めていますか?私はまだ買い物していないけど、いくつかのページが出来ている。アメリカの家族はこのブログを見ているかどうか分からないから、まだギフトページは展示しないね。 CTのページも出来ているからそれを見せられます。


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