Friday, February 5, 2010

A few new pages

I haven't uploaded new CT pages in two weeks, so thought I'd better do that.

This first page is actually a Waterfall hybrid mini album I made with My Little Valentine by Quirky Twerp. I am making these albums left and right. They are just so easy and fun to make. Once I get some more done, I'll be sure to show them off. まだウオーターフォールアルバムにはまっていますよ!今回のアルバムはハイブリッドにしました。My Little Valentineデジタルキットを使って作りました。ウオーターフォールアルバムを作るのが簡単だし、楽しいです!

This next page is a photo of my dad in Hawaii several years. I wish I could send him back there one more time. Its his paradise on Earth. 数年前に両親とハワイに行きました。お父さんが大好きな所です。もう一度行かせたいな~。

This page is a page for my sweet great-neice, Jetta. She is such a cutie! 名子です。いつも写真写りのいいです。

And finally some photos of my daughter a few years ago. Just a page for fun.最後に数年前に娘の写真です。Sailor Moonが好きな時期だったね。

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