Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trying to get caught up

I've been a bit busy recently, but its a very happy busy. About a month ago one of the designers from TDC moved her shop to a new site. Over the past several months I have absolutely loved working with her unique and gorgeous designs. So when I heard she was leaving I was crushed. I practically begged her to let me join her CT for her new location and, lucky me, she agreed! Although its a very sad loss for TDC -- she is still greatly loved there -- its still a happy day for me because I get to continue to use her lovely creations. Please come have a look at Studio Gypsy at Scrapbookgraphics. And here are a few of the pages I've made since joining her CT.

最近、ちょっとバタバタしてたけど、良いなバタバタです。やく一ヶ月前に大好きなデザイナーは新しいお店に移りました。そのニュースを初めて聞いたらかなり寂しくて、”新しいお店でもCTに参加させて下さ~い!”って直接デザイナーさんにメールしました。すごく嬉しいことで、参加させて頂きました。前のデザイン名は Gypsy Coutureでしたが、新しいお店で Studio Gypsyと呼ばれます。良かったら是非見に来て下さい。


Just a few days ago, I got a mail from a wonderful Swedish designer named Edeline asking me to join her CT. I am always stunned when a designer considers my pages worthy of showing off their beautiful designs. Just to be considered is a marvel, but to actually be invited to join a CT is delightful. Please come have a look through her wonderful shop, EM Designs. Thank you Edeline!

それから、数日前に Edeline と言うのデザイナーからメールをもらってまたCTに誘われました。とっても綺麗なデザイン沢山あるので、是非 CTメンバーになりたかったです。私の周りにスクラップがとっても上手に出来る方が多くて、私をCTに誘われると不思議な気持ちです。嬉しくて頑張ります!是非 Edelineさんのお店にも見に来てどうぞ。

And finally here is a page I made just for fun. I found a series of templates made by Crystal Livesay based on the Book of Me. I thought I would give it a try, to a make an album just about me. Its going to be a slow process, but here it the first page. I didn't really like the simple origin and meaning of my name from most sites, but found one I really love based on Celtic name origins. And here is the page about my name.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back again soon.


akizo said...

fabulous pages!!
congrats on your new CT!

Tomoko said...

These are simply beautiful!!!!!