Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy Bee

No, not the templates made by Sasha of Busy Bee Designs. Although I love them too, but that's not what this one is about. This is just to say Hello and sorry for being absent. Been a busy bee.

Tuesday is our winter craft bazaar and I've been going a bit crazy making stuff, or just trying to get the stuff that I started weeks ago done. Think I finally managed most of it.

A very wonderful part of this weekend has been that my daughter owes me $10. I never let my kids pay me back in money, they always get the opportunity to work off their debt. Call it my little lessons in reality. So today, right when I needed help the most, my daughter was there for me and washed our living room, dining room and tatami room windows - inside and out. They needed it. Badly. And considering I have probably near to 100 ladies coming into those rooms on Tuesday for the bazaar the timing was perfect. While she was doing that, I was busy hanging a little garland, putting out my Nativity set and trying to clean up my crafting mess. Thank you my darlin' daughter. And not to be outdone, my dear son cooked dinner for us. Pancakes, eggs and ham. Love my babes!

Well, instead of rambling on any longer, I have some photos for you of what I've been up to these past several weeks. All the finishing details will have to be done tomorrow, or not at all. Wish me luck!

Waterfall Mini Albums

Just a few of the beaded ornaments I make. Nothing spectacular, but fun to make.

Door hangers. I had hoped to get more than just two done, but ran out of time and mojo.
Approximately 50 beaded watchbands and necklace dangles made using kits by Scarlet Lime. I'll be sure to take some pictures on the day of the bazaar to show them off more properly.

 And very fortunately - because this was a huge time and effort saver. Since we didn't have a winter bazaar last year, I still have all of the tags I and cards I made last year for various CTs.

And last but not least, the only new CT thing I have to show for the past few weeks. I made this for a dear friend of mine, who has helped me out this past year in so many ways. Using Early Bird by Erica Zane, guest designer at TDC during Nov 2011.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the web. Please come again soon!


Lulutoo said...

You are truly amazing, Holly! I love all of the things you made--they look just perfect! Cute story about your DD working off her debt just in the nick of time. :) My son made chocolate chip waffles for us yesterday, so what a coincidence that your son cooked also. Gotta love that! I hope your bazaar goes wonderfully.

Maiko Kosugi (mai*) said...

Beautiful works!!!

Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...


I just love seeing your work, Holly. You're amazing.