Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn in New York, I mean Tokyo

The summer heat and humidity have finally relented and cool autumn air and crisp blue skies have arrived, along with the occasional rain shower.

At this moment in my hallway closet I have 17 umbrellas hanging on the umbrella bar (nice little feature in my Japanese home). My family of four also owns at least 4 collapsible umbrellas that we either keep in said hallway closet or in school lockers and briefcases. There may even be one more umbrella in the trunk of our car. That is a confirmed 21 umbrellas for four people! When I first posted this photo on my Facebook page last week there were only 16 hanging in my closet. I'm not sure where the other one came from. Perhaps they are propagating on their own.

We own so many umbrellas because it is considered poor form to be out in the rain in Japan without one. And when you don't have one handy when you're out and about and its starts raining, you buy one from the corner convenience store for 100 yen (about one dollar). Japan is the land of convenience and consumerism. If you don't have it and you need it, you buy it.

Years ago when I was still working in the corporate world of public relations and advertising downtown Tokyo, I invested about $50 in a really nice, very lovely umbrella. I still have it even though the silk fabric is moldy and the metal body and spines are rusty and a few even broken. I wish I could have it cleaned and fixed, but I believe that to be impossible. I will eventually have to get rid of it. And I may just have to take a trip downtown Tokyo to one of the finer department stores and buy a new one to replace it. Even though we have 17 other ones still in our house. But they are vinyl and plastic and cheap looking and not fashionable at all.

The other day we were out and about downtown and just happened to drive by the Tokyo Tower. Here is a photo that my daughter was able to shoot of it from the back window of the car. You can see the raindrops on the back window. And if you could see the area at the base of the Tower, you would see about 50 people lined up waiting for their turn to ride the elevator to the observation deck. All standing patiently in line with their umbrellas.

Its not all rain here though. Last Monday I was walking on the road approaching the park where my son was to play in a soccer game and looked up at the foliage on the side of the road. I have no idea what these lovely flowers/shrubs/weeds are called, but they looked gorgeous against the bright, clear, blue autumn sky.

Last time I promised that I would make some boy pages for my son, and I've kept my word. I also made yet another girl page for my daughter and a vintage page for my parents. Oh, and a Halloweeny page about how much I don't like Halloween. Happy viewing.

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As always, thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the web. I hope you'll be back soon. Happy Autumn.


Chloé said...

Awesome pages, as usual. And once again, I love getting to know all those little tidbits about living in Japan, those everyday things are what makes you truely understand a culture, I think!

HappyCrafter said...

What lovely photos, thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us.