Sunday, January 13, 2013

ONE day at a time

I mentioned that in late November my family and I went to a nearby park to take our photos for our annual Christmas / New Year's card. I think I may have also noted how slightly uncooperative my daughter was. I guess its just not cool to take family pictures anymore.

Nonetheless, I will force the issue each year as long as I can because I believe that one day my babes will look back at them at be happy.

Here is a page that I made with pictures of my daughter and I on that day. These were a few photos that my husband took while setting up the camera and location. You can see how "teenagery" she was being. Hmmm.... now that I look at these again, I guess she wasn't *that* bad, she did actually smile a bit. Probably from annoyance at me. Kind of like those gas bubble smiles babies do.

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So instead of forcing yet another photo session with my children so soon, for this next page I decided to go back in time once again and use pictures of when my children were actually happy to smile for the camera. I love my babes. Other than the Gift of God's own son, they are the most incredible blessing I have been granted.

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 I've chosen my new One Little Word for 2013. Have you? I was so happy how well I was able to focus on achieving goals last year using OLW that I definitely wanted to try it again this year. My word for this year is ONE. The reason I chose this is because I tend to get overwhelmed when I realize how much I have to do - work, home, kid's activities, etc. I'm sure we can all relate. But instead of going into overdrive, I tend to shut down completely and not accomplish anything. So I wanted to remind myself this year that I don't have to do it all. That I can just focus on ONE thing at a time and I'll be fine.

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Finally, for my digi-scrapping friends this may be interesting. A friend of mine started making photo actions last year and one of them is this Resize for Web action. I've used several of these actions in the past but have never been fully satisfied. This one rocks! I rarely, if ever, have to do any final adjustments after running the action. Its the perfect amount of sharpness. I highly recommend it.

Thank you as always for stopping by my little corner of the web. Please come back again soon.