Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is pathetic

Okay, so this may be the longest I have gone and neglected my poor blog. I've been
a. busy
b. lazy
c. crazy
d. all of the above

If you guessed d. you are correct. Crazy busy days lead to laziness. No excuses.


The school year ends in March in Japan, and begins again in April when all the Cherry trees are in bloom. Yes, that is the reason why. Japan is big on ceremonies and for school entrance ceremonies Cherry blossoms are a must. That is why at just about every school of every kind has cherry trees at its front gate.

I'm an English language (conversation) teacher - in case you didn't already know that about me. I came here 21 years ago on a one-year contract. I studied International Business in University and was told (while doing an Internship for the Governor of Colorado) that I would need first-hand international experience in order to get an international job. I was told to just go anywhere, for a year or so, then come back and apply. That was the plan.

That was 21 years ago. Did I already mention that? These passing years get harder and harder to accept.

I love teaching English. I love each and every one of my students. I truly feel that I am doing God's calling for my life - at least for now. My life is not perfect, far from it. But there is a certain contentment and motivation toward my "work" knowing that at least in that area of my life I'm on the right track. For now.

Who am I to challenge convention? I keep my English class schedule in line with the annual school schedule and try to end a year's worth of study in March. And start again, fresh and new with the Cherry blossoms, in April.

All of this is to say, that at least for this past month "work" has been busy.


I know I am also incredibly blessed to be a member of The Digichick. I was asked to join as a Creative Team member in October 2010. Since then I have been on a few other designer's teams, and I am still on ViVa Artistry's team as well. But TDC (The DigiChick) is my digi home. I took on the task of heading up TDC's challenges about a year later. And from this past January, I was asked to become a member of site Admin and take on the position of CT Leader. I cannot tell you what a blessing this shop, these people have been in my life. I am honored and humbled at the same time.


Oh yeah, speaking of scrapbooking - since that is what is blog is supposed to be at least partially about - I do have some pages to share. Looking at all that I have to upload here makes me realize how long its been. I have December pages for pity sake! Guess I'll try to do this chronologically. Please bear with me as heretowith follows an image-heavy finale.

 papers and elements from Sugar Sands Beach Kit and Sugar Sand Boardwalk Christmas by Etc. by Danyale
font is Mary Magpie by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}
page template is by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
 As seen in the December 2012 Artisan Notebook.

 my February desktop

these three pages made using Amore Mio, 
the February Boutique Collaboration by The Digichick Designers

 my February forums siggy image

 a sweet little Valentine. Both of these are made using Kitty Loves Puppy by Quirky Twerp

Papers and elements from Cupid's Arrow by Katie Creates
Template from I Heart You by Cornelia Designs
Action on photo from Inspired by Charm Box Studios
Font is I Love Me Some Brook by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

 all papers and elements Glitter Memories  by The Digichick Designers

all papers and elements from Grey Skies by Sherwood Studio

papers and most elements from Journey by Etc by Danyale
as seen in the February 2013 Artisan Notebook

all papers and elements from Mascherari by ViVa Artistry

 all papers and elements from Quirky Originals by ViVa Artistry

all papers and elements from Confucius Says by Viva Artistry

my March forum siggy image. all papers and elements
from Slainte by The Digichick Designers

all papers and elements from A Love Like This by Kimeric Kreations
page template is by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
font for journaling is So Much to Say by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}
As seen in the for the January 2013 Artisan Notebook.

all papers and elements from Exposed by ninigoesdigi at MScraps
page template by Busy Bee Designs

And while I've got you here, why don't you come join us for our March Challenges! Would love to see your pages too.

For the few who still stop by, and for the few who read this far down the post, I want to thank you for being patient with me and my complete lack of blog maintenance. Thank you so much for stopping by, please come again.


Hannah said...

Love your blog. What an inspiration! Beautiful children.

Hannah said...

Love your blog. Thanks for your words of inspiration.