Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My OTHER hobby...

Long time no blog. Sorry about that! I've been a bit busy with my OTHER hobby. Every year about this time my friends and I get together and hold a winter bazaar. Some friends sew and knit, a few make beautiful bead creations, and a few also make delicious sweets. I make cards and ornaments. The cards come from leftover (and new) scrapbook papers and accents. The ornaments I make from wire and beads.

I just love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I started making some very elaborate beaded ornaments from kits many many years ago. Once my children were born I just couldn't take the roughly 25 hours necessary to make just one ornament. But I still wanted to make something, so I found a way to make simpler beaded ornaments.

This year's bazaar will be on November 25th. Its always hard to get motivated to make Christmas cards and ornaments before Halloween has even started. But I try. So, as much as I don't want to, I may have to take a break from making my scrapbooking. Ouch!

For my students, of course our classes will continue as scheduled. If you want to join on any of the days just let me know.

Thanks for looking! See you soon.








Jacinda said...

I would SO buy these beautiful beaded ornaments Holly. Gosh they're amazing. I'm wondering now what other hidden talents you have.

marianne said...

Oh I agree with Jacinda, I too, would totally buy those!! :) great ornaments hun!!

HeatherB said...

Holly, these are beautiful! Gives me an idea for next year! :)