Monday, October 20, 2008

Black and White. Well, not exactly...

I realized that after challenging my students to make a page using mostly Black and White materials, I had never made one myself. First off, I realized that its a little difficult to come up with a photo! I have tons of photos I want to scrap, but not many that I envision on a black and white page. So, I ended up choosing a photo that I'd run an ambiance and a soft color filter on. It was close enough to black and white, but still had a beautiful hint of color.

But.... I guess I'm just not a pure black and white fan. No matter what I did to the page, it just seemed incomplete without color. So I switched over to a "mostly" black and white base, added some back color, chose most of the elements in a very soft color to match the photo, and added a splash of red. I know its still not perfect, but it feels better to me. (By the way, the basic layout is a lift of a page by Nikki Beaudreau. Just want to give credit where credit is due!)

For my "students," I'm really looking forward to the next challenge class on the 28th. I can't wait to see the pages you come up with. Its harder than I thought!



ただ、白黒だけで満足出来なかった。どれのアクセントを加えても、色が足りなくて気に入らなかったです。だから、下地紙は二枚にしました。一枚はほとんど白黒で、も一枚は黒と水色にしました。写真の色に近い色の飾りを使って、 三ヶ所で赤いアクセントを加えました。まだ完璧ではないと思うけど、前より気に入った。(ところで、このページの基本レイアウトアイデアは Nikki Beaudreauさんが作ったページをスクラップリフトをしました。)


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Yasu said...

Super cute layout! I always admire your work!