Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trio of pages

First off, I want to invite you to join me for a challenge. I will be hosting my first ever scraplift challenge at TDC starting on Friday the 18th. We will be scraplifting mom2peanuts' beautiful gallery. I'll be sure to upload a link here once the challenge is up and running. I would love it if you joined in! Here is the page I made, of course its a scraplift of one of mom2peanuts' pages. You can see her original page in the challenge thread tomorrow!


Next up I have an unusual Christmas page to share. One of my most beloved friends recently had a fantastic opportunity to have photos taken of her and her beautiful daughters by the incredible Solveig Boergen of Tokyo's starphotography. I'm so completely jealous of these awesome photos, but my friend has given me copies of the photo shoot. So at least I get to make pages with these incredible photos. Anyway, back to the Christmas page.

次はちょっと違うなクリスマスページを作りました。この間大好きな友達は3人の娘さんと一緒に有名なSolveig Boergenに写真を撮ってもらいました。本当にうらやましいです。素敵な写真をいっぱい撮ってもらって、私にコーピを渡しまして。上のチャレンジ用ページの写真も、このページの写真もそうですよ。これからまだ色んなページを作りたいです。

And last but not least, another wedding page. ViVa Artistry has a new set out called Skin to Skin. Its a gorgeous kit with a sub-theme of racial harmony. I don't know why, but as soon as I saw it I wanted to scrap one of my own wedding photos. This is the first page I have ever made using one of my own wedding photos.

最後にまた結婚のページです。ViVa Artistry から人種間の調和のテーマがあるのセットは今週の新しいリリースです。見てからすぐ自分の結婚式ページを作りたくなりました。初めて自分の結婚式写真を使ってページを作ってみました。

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