Monday, September 8, 2008

Back into the swing of things...

I've been back in Japan about 2 weeks now. That first week is such a killer -- trying to get over jetlag, dealing with the humidity, getting back into the habit of speaking Japanese, trying to keep the kids entertained that last week before school, and so on. Once school started I was finally able to get some things done.

Summer vacation was good. Busy, but good. Our roadtrip went off without any major glitches and we took over 600 photos. Impossible to scrap them all, but have already made some pages using Janet Phillips Summer 2008 mini album templates and the Lilypad's May 2008 BYOC. I'm planning on making a hybrid album, but for now they are purely digital layouts.

Thought I would try to get back into scrap classes right away, but need a little more time. So will start from the 3rd or 4th week of September. Will let you know the specifics later. This 2nd semester always seems to be the longest and busiest. I just want to take it easy, and yet do as much as I can at the same time. Impossible?!

Hope your summer was great. Hope you took lots of photos. Let's get together and scrap them again soon.


夏休みが良かったです。ばたばたしてたけど楽しかったです。ロードトリップも無事に出来て、そして600枚以上写真を撮りました。全部をスクラップするのが無理ですが、もう Janet Phillips がデザインしましたの Summer 2008 ミニーアルバムテンプレートとLilypad の5月 BYOCを使ってアルバムが出来ました。ハイブリッドアルバムを作ろうと思うけど、印刷してないのでまだデジタルだけのレーアウトです。



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