Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Class Schedule Updates

Well, I finally decided some scrap class dates for September and October (some are already passed) so here goes:

Sept 16: Open class (any page theme is ok, no lesson)
Sept 30: Advanced scrappers (Lesson: White Space)

Oct 7: Beginner scrappers (Intro class also on this day, Lesson: Patterned Paper)
Oct 14: Open class (any page theme is ok, no lesson)
Oct 28: Advanced scrappers (Lesson: TBA - to be announced)

Just a note:
"Open class" means anyone who has scrapped before, any level, is welcome to come.
"Beginner scrappers" are generally those who have been scrapping for a year or less. First-time scrappers are also welcome.
"Advanced scrappers" are those who have been scrapping for more than one year.

I think its best to limit each crop to 8 scrappers. I wish I had more space. I'd love to open a bigger classroom someday. Just my dream... Please let me know if you would like to join.

I hope to see you in Sept and October. If there are any changes, I'll send an email. As always, I thank you from my heart to all my scrapbooking friends and students for wanting to join me in scrapbooking. Its is my true pleasure to help you create your family memory albums.



9月16日(火):オープンクラス (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン無し)
9月30日(火):上級者 (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスンは空白スペース White Space)

10月7日(火):初心者 (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。体験者のレッスンはスクラップブッキング イントロダクション。経験者のレッスンはPatterned Paper (絵の用紙)の上手に使い方. それからミニーアルバムを作りたい方はアルバムのサイズと用紙のキットを決めましょう。)
10月14日(火):オープンクラス (テーマは何でも大丈夫です。レッスン無し)
10月28日(火):上級者 (テーマとレッスンは後日に連絡します)

オープンクラス: 経験者のみになります。レベルに関係なくて参加出来ます。
初心者: 一年以下経験の方になります。初めての方でも可能です。
上級者: 一年以上経験の方になります。



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