Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Salt Lake Tribune

Every once in awhile something happens that just completely floors me.

As most of you already know, I am on the CT for The Digichick. After a minor hiatus, TDC Blog is back up and running with new challenges and workshops. Our very first challenge of the year was to scrap 10 Hopes and Wishes for 2010. I honestly didn't think I would have time to participate in the challenge, so I had pretty much given up on even trying. But I found a few hours one day so made my page. I hadn't even thought about 10 goals for the year so had to think of them as I scrapped them. I got my page done and was pretty happy with the finished product so posted it to my online galleries.

Only a few hours after posting it, Linda Fantin, a reporter from The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah contacted me and asked me if she could use my page for a monthly feature column she writes. Of course I said yes! So here is the link, if you are interested.

I spoke a little about digital scrapbooking in general and am quoted in this first page.
Scrapbooking: The decade of documenting

Then my page and the challenge are discussed in greater detail here. 
Scrapbooking workshop: Ten wishes for 2010

I want to say Thank you so very much to Linda for choosing my page to be shared in her newspaper. I am honored.

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Jacinda said...

Congratulations on being published!! That's very exciting. I too didn't think I'd have any new years resolutions, but once I sat down to scrap the page I easily came up with 10 things I want to achieve in 2010.