Sunday, May 23, 2010

Extracted photos

Have you ever made a page with an extracted photo? In paper scrapping that would be the equivalent to cutting out the subject of your photo and using just that cut-out. Several weeks ago I had to do my first extraction for a magazine submission I was working on (I can show it to you in June) and had a great time with the process and liked the result. And while I definitely won't be making this my main style of scrapping, I will probably go back to extracted photos again.

In this case, I needed some kind of cool photos that I could put in the boxes of Studio Gypsy's Reclaimed Vol 3 papers. I had some cute picts of my daughter so thought I would give these a try. I had a hard time getting the case shadows to look right until my friend suggested trying out the Shadow It 3D Action from Studio Wendy. I did have to tweak the results just a little, but am very satisfied with the shadows.

Its FAR from perfect, but here is my page called Growing in...

Thank you as always for stopping by.

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