Saturday, May 29, 2010

Four Teams Four Pages

That's about my pace recently. Actually, I'm feeling pretty good that I got all four done -- okay, one was a day late...

Some of my blog friends have asked me to share a little more about myself outside of scrapbooking. I'm Holly, originally from Colorado. I came to Japan 18 years ago on a one-year teaching contract, but met a local boy, fell in love and am still here. There's always the hope to go home someday, but I've been here so long that its comfortable here too. I have two kids, a daughter who is 11 and a son who is almost 9. They -- as I'm sure you can tell -- are the source of most of my scrapbooking inspiration. I also make pages for friends and family when I have the pictures! (Hint to my USA family to send photos.) I don't scrap in any particular order. I love going back into my old photos and using them for layouts just as much as I love to use my latest photos.

I still teach English conversation, as well as paper scrapping to some wonderful and enthusiastic local women. I have learned SO much about my own scrapping by teaching them.

I do speak, read and write Japanese at some level of proficiency, but keeping this blog completely bilingual became too much of a chore to the point that I didn't want to write posts anymore. So for the general posting I think I will keep it simple. But for my class announcements I will add blurbs in Japanese -- just in case.

I'd love to learn more about my blog friends too. Link me to your blogs too.

And without further ado, I will get to the pages now. As always, I am so happy you came for a little visit.

for Lisa-Marie of Studio Gypsy at Scrapbook Graphics

for Edeline at Edeline Marta Designs (guesting at Scrap Orchard this month)

for Madam Wing at The Digichick


for Mye at Bubblescrap Designs

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Heather T. said...

Fabulous pages... and boy would I like to come visit! =)