Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blooming in the heat

My scrapbooking room doesn't have air conditioning -- in fact most of the rooms in my house don't since there is no such thing as central heat and a/c in most Japanese buildings. I don't mind, I have a nice little fan blowing on me. I keep hearing that so far this has been one of the hottest recent summers in Japan. Hmmm.... either my tolerance has increased or I'm numb. I prefer to think that I might just finally be getting used to the humidity here. It just doesn't feel that bad to me.

If I were home in Colorado I would be hot, but dry at least. But I am keeping positive here this summer instead. We've got a LOT of projects both big and small to do around the house so I am anxiously awaiting the end of July so I can get started. Right now we (and by that I mean me) are decluttering.

Speaking of decluttering, I'm wondering how long you keep your digital scrapbook supplies. I have so many kits that I just HAD to buy at the time, but have never used. I have tons of kits from CT assignments that I may or may not ever use again. And I have gigabytes of old kits both used and unused that I most like will never use again... but I have such a hard time deleting them from my hard drive. Alas, my hard drive is nearly full -- yes, my computer is old enough that the HD is "small" enough to become full.

So I have adopted a brutal attitude as of late to just get rid of it! Both in my home and on my computer. If I haven't used it over the past three years then I probably won't, right? Most things I won't miss, I'm sure. If I have to be here (meaning not at home in the states this summer) then I am going to make the most of my time and Bloom Where I am Planted.

Here are a few pages I got done this past week, in the nice cool breeze of my little floor fan.

using Wicked Cool by Jennifer Labre Designs

using Easy Breezy pt 9 by Busy Bee Desings
and Sunkissed Sunset by Jennifer Labre Designs

using You & Me Dude by Laura Banasiak Simply.Scraps
and Easy Breezy pt 8 by Busy Bee Designs

using Easy Breezy pt 8 by Busy Bee Designs
and Owlie Loves You by Kasia Designs

using Box Society 3 by Studio Gypsy

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Lulutoo said...

How warm are we talking about? Judging by those layouts, you have definitely adjusted! That is a drop dead gorgeous photo of your daughter with her cat, BTW. If you get the decluttering down to a science, please share. I'm probably beyond help, but success stories do make me feel like there is hope...