Friday, April 29, 2011

Ma ma ma ma ma My Fiona (does anyone get that?)

Catching up on a few layouts. I'd like to introduce you to Fiona. She has been my sanity saver these past several weeks. Not just mine, but my kids' too. Whenever I wonder if the shaking I'm feeling is actually the earth under my feet or just inside my head, I look to my Fiona. She's particularly sensitive and is a quake barometer in our home.

This is my Benjamin Ficus tree. We like to name a lot of things around our house and she - yes, its a girl - is named Fiona. Seven years ago when we first bought her we thought that would be a good name. We love our Fiona.
Fiona doesn't get as much care as she needs, but she still seems to thrive in our home. When we first got her one of my students who is a professional gardener told me that Ficus trees are moody and hard to grow. Thankfully, Fiona is not. I don't know much about houseplants, but I know enough to give them water and a little fertilizer. I trim her branches every once in awhile if I notice she is looking out of balance. Even with such minimal care she grows and adds beauty to our home.
My kids love to decorate her. At Christmas time she gets a little garland and some small ornaments. Throughout the rest of the year she gets bejeweled with anything from hanging monkeys to plastic beetles. She is like a pet, a member of our family.
She is long overdue for a trim. My student happened to notice just how unruly Fiona has become so she and I agreed that on her first lesson in March she would give Fiona a professional trim. She warned me that I might be shocked how deep she would cut back on her branches, but assured me that she would grow back even thicker and more lovely.
That professional trim never happened. It was Fiona that first told me of the earthquake happening. I didn't even feel the shaking yet, but noticed that she was shivering slightly so I knew what was happening. As I stood there watching her, she started shaking uncontrollably as the ground all around us was shifting violently.
In the days and weeks following the initial quake there were so many aftershocks that we became dizzy. Its quite common, I hear, and this happens to my children and I a lot. Each time we feel as if we were shaking our eyes immediately look to Fiona to see if she is shaking or not. Then we know if its just us or if its an actual earthquake.
My gardening student is due to come this Friday for her lesson and she will give Fiona that trim. I know she needs it and I want to give her the best care I possibly can. I am so thankful for this overgrown, unruly, beautiful Benjamin Ficus tree - lovingly named Fiona.

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This next one is a layout done a few months ago actually that appeared in the March 2011 edition of The Artisan Notebook. This is the phone that kept me in touch with the outside world after my computer was broken. This little device also has been such a wonderful blessing to me over the past few months. 

Magenta, fuchsia, plum, purple, wine, bordeaux, violet. Call it what you will, I love this color. Its strong yet feminine. Its playful yet serious. I can't even remember how many things I've bought just because they were this color. My husband and I went to the electronics store the other day because he wanted a new cell phone. He showed me the latest smart phone model he was planning to buy - it only comes in two colors, black and bordeaux. I wasn't in the market for a new phone, but as soon as I saw this one I just had to have it. It looks nothing like a phone traditionally looks - it looks like a slim new compact camera. I've had some people look at me like I'm crazy because I'm holding my camera up to my ear and talking into it! Its such a great toy. Its a cell phone, mini-computer, camera, game console, schedule keeper, internet browser all in one. And the best part is it comes in my favorite color!

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Its amazing how much we are blessed by some of the things in our lives. Both of these "objects" helped save my sanity and I am thankful for these little blessings.


Lulutoo said...

I love both of those layouts as well as the stories and things that they are about. I think that is kind of unique (and cool!) that your tree is like a member of the family and has a name. We can hang ornaments on Penny, but they don't stay on long. ;)

If I'm not mistaken, the title refers to the song My Shirona? LOL They just mentioned that song in an episode of Monk this weekend. It was one of those marathons and included episodes with his first assistant, named Shirona. :) I love that show!

Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

I love how you took two ordinary objects in your life and gave us their personalities.

Such a unique glimpse!

(And I love the name bordeaux as a color. I only know bordeaux as wine, but the color makes so much sense. I had a whole room that color once, but I had to paint over it because my dad kept threatening to bring my mom over in fishnet stockings. ;))