Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Makin' stuff

Today was fun. I held my first paper crafting get-together, something other than scrapbooking. I guess its just a natural offshoot of scrapping since it was all the same supplies, but it felt different because no photos were involved. Several weeks ago one of my regular scrapbooking students asked me to "teach" her and a few of her friends how to make door hangers. I found a local online shop where I could buy blank door hangers so we had the perfect base to start with. I also found a few sample "layouts" in the online galleries so the ladies would have some idea of what to do. You would think that the canvas being so small and not involving any photos that it would only take a short time. But the class still took 3 hours. Of course we are drinking tea and chatting for a good portion of that time too. Anyway, here are the lovely door hangers that they made. (Sorry for the poor photo quality. These were taken with my Android.) This was a lot of fun, I'm thinking I may just need to try it myself someday....

Last week I showed you a photo of a non-scrapping project that I am making. Thank you to my friends who took a guess at it. Here is what those same items look like after week 2. I'm sure you can make out what most of them are now that they have some color. But what in the world am I going to do with them... I'll let you know next week!

Thank you as always for stopping by. Please come again!


Lulutoo said...

Okay, something with yummy fruit--probably not jewelry... Paper weights?

Ingrid said...

WOW, Holly those door hangers look absolutely gorgeous ! Love them !