Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chief Challenge Chick

Not to brag or anything - because it was simply appointed because I volunteered to do it - but I will be taking over as the Challenges Team Leader for The Digichick. Woot! I have an awesome team already in place so now just to do my best not to rock the boat. Come on over and join in sometime if you're up for it. See anything you really like? let me know. Have any suggestions for a great challenge? let me know.

As this blog is for the most part about scrapping, and since I have a few pages to show, let's just get right to it, shall we?

First up are a few layouts that I made for the Artisan Notebook magazine. This one was for the weather challenge, requesting the Just Write team to "Scrap a layout that journals about a weather-related event in your life." I guess I could have written about how the only car accidents I've had have been caused by rain slippage, or how I used to brave driving through raging blizzards over Monument Pass south of Denver to visit my boyfriend. Instead, I decided to make a page about the times my dad and I have shared while listening to thunder. So many of my Japanese friends find it amazing that I would like to sit out on the patio while there is a storm about just to listen to the rolling thunder. I guess I learned to appreciate its beauty from my dad. Thanks dad! Actually, its not enough for me (especially since we don't get thunder here very often at all) so I also have a rain and thunder CD that I pop in the music player every once in a while.

We don't need words, we listen. And somehow our hearts connect in the far off echos and the shimmering drops surrounding us. We sit, we listen with our ears and our hearts. We share a bond in the peacefulness of the moment. Its long been our way to connect, sitting on the patio during the thunderstorms. Sometimes we'll talk, most times not. Even after the thunder ceases to boom, ceases to echo, we know we have been a part of a special moment between God, nature and we two. I love sharing thunder with you Dad.
Papers and most elements from Sign of the Times: Aquarius by ViVa Designs
This next layout was for the September issue, challenging us to make a layout using a scrapbooking or photography technique that we've always wanted to try. I've always thought I wanted to try to make a hybrid layout. I've made several hybrid mini albums, but never a real layout. For this, I first made the entire layout in my Photoshop, then printed out each individual element and paper separately. I slaved for hours to get it all cut out and realigned like the digital layout, added real glitter because the digital stuff just wasn't enough texture for me, then assembled it all and voila! Here is the final product.

papers and elements from Around the World by The Digichick Designers

On to other layouts. This first one, unbelievably is a layout from months ago that somehow never made it to my blog. It uses a bunch of designs by various Digichick designers in the same color pallet for a collaboration called the Chick Fix. But now that I go and look for the specific designs I used for this page I see that most of the designers I chose from have left the shop. Sorry about that. But at least you get to see my precious beautiful grand niece, years ago.

 papers and elements from past designs from The Chick Fix by the Digichick Designers
page template is from Summer Flavors Orange Sherbet by Busy Bee Designs

I love to participate in The Color Room challenges, something about the challenge of making a page based on a color pallete alone is fun. For last week's color pallet #78, I made this page of my own precious little baby girl, also years ago. I've had this kit by Joyful Heart Designs on my wishlist for quite some time. I love her fun and funky paper patterns.

 papers and most elements from Happy to Be Me by Joyful Heart Designs
page template from Solos Part 2 by Busy Bee Designs

Four down, one to go.

In other breaking news, the ladies of ViVa Artistry have finally persuaded me to join their own team. That sounds a bit arrogant and I don't mean it that way. I have been honored that they kept asking me over the last several months to join, but up until now I just didn't feel I had the power. They already sell their stunning designs at The Digichick so I've used their lovely creations many times before. But this is the first layout I made as a member of their CT. Again my daughter from years ago. I think I need to make more pages for my son...

papers and elements from The Cat's Meow by ViVa Artistry - 
guest designers at ScrapMatters for the month of October

If you have kept with me this long, I thank you. More scrapping and crafting projects will follow. If you have time, come on over to the Digichick and join us for a few of our challenges. Would love to have you.

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Heather T. said...

W00t! Congratulations for all your awesomeness--taking the summer off seems to have given a big boost to your mojo! I just LOVE that thunder layout--it really speaks to me. Gorgeous layouts--and I hope you haven't forgotten to include a typography challenge over at TDC!