Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October

In all actuality, I really do not like October. Traditionally it has been a stressful month for me - the reason being that I do not like Halloween. I think I may have when I was a little girl, but somewhere along the line that changed.

I remember trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, I remember parties at church.

I remember dressing up as a punk rocker as a young teen. (Don't you just love those orange retro-70's curtains mixed with my bright punk pink?)

I think that may have been my last fond memory of Halloween.

After coming to Japan Halloween became a lot of work. As an foreigner in Japan teaching English to the native children it suddenly became my responsibility to entertain the young students, educate them in the American ways of Halloween. They in turn always fully expected that I should dress up like a witch, because that is what they imagine all foreign women to dress up as for Halloween. I have never once dressed up like a witch, before coming to Japan or afterwards.

Even after my own children were born I only remember a few Halloweens that I dressed them up in homemade costumes and took them to a party. The "joy" of the season always seemed to be dragged down from the pressure I felt of having to single-handedly make Halloween for my students. As a self-employed teacher I was the only one to plan, prepare and execute Halloween parties for up to 50 children each year. In recent years, because most of my students have grown old enough to be too embarrassed to want to dress up I can get away with more low-key parties with just a few games and trick-or-treating. My own kids are satisfied to go around to a few friends' houses and collect candies. But from this spring, I started teaching two classes of younger kids again, so I am feeling the pressure to preform once again. I love November 1st.

Speaking of October, my three-month scrapping hiatus is officially over. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer off of scrapping. I read nearly 25 books and just basically chilled out. I felt no pressure and it felt good.

I think I am ready to get back into scrapping. I've already made a few pages. When I saw the latest collaboration, Emporium, from the Digichick Designers I couldn't wait to use it. This is a page of my gorgeous niece, her wonderful hubby and their babes.

This last one is made with a kit I've had on my hard-drive for months. I love the bold and colorful patterns in this kit, called Freebird by Lauren Reid. I also used some papers and elements from Emporium.

So... there you have it. Happy October, Happy Scrapping. Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the web. I hope you'll be back again soon.


Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids said...

Always love the glimpses into your life in Japan! (And BEAUTIFUL pages - just amazing, the artist in you!)

Jennifer B. said...

Lovely pages, HOlly! I remember those kind of Halloween costumes!