Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scrapbooking for fun

Why do we scrap? Here are some of the reasons I've come up with.
1. I want to preserve my memories in a fun way
2. I hope to have fun looking at my pages and be able to remember more details through the journaling than I would remember by just having the photos in an album
3. I enjoy it. Understatement -- I love it!

I started off scrapping only events - you know, birthdays, trips to the beach, track and field day, etc. Most of my pages were double pages with more than 10 photos. After a while I would find a single photo that I loved, not necessarily from an event, and just wanted to make a lovely page with it. On these pages I would journal about my thoughts and feelings about the photo. These are still my main two styles of scrapbooking.

Recently, I've discovered two additional reasons. Reason one: after becoming a member of a few shops' and designers' creative teams I've been scrapbooking for "work." The designers need a page to show off their kits, so I go looking through my archives of photos to find a suitable photo and make a page for them. Granted, I still make these pages for me, but it may have taken me a lot longer to scrap a certain photo had I not needed a photo to match a particular kit.

Reason two: scrapbooking just for fun. This is fairly new territory for me. To make these kind of pages I usually have to bribe my kids to pose for me. I know some scrappers use stock images for these kind of pages and that is wonderful for them. But for now, my kids are still willing to help out for the most part and I'd rather make pages that are more "meaningful" to me.

Here is a series of pages that I made, once again using Box Society goodies from Studio Gypsy. I got a little crazy here, but boy did I have fun! My daughter had fun posing for me in front of a green screen too. This certainly won't be my main style of scrapbooking. As long as my kids are around I'm sure I'll be scrapping their school events and activities as well as our family memories. But every once in awhile, I just want to play.

Crazy Dollhouse

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